Studied Journalism at the College of the North Atlantic, St. John’s, Newfoundland

15th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition – 8th Place Winner

Writer’s Digest Annual Competition, Magazine Article Division – 4th Place Winner

Writing has always come naturally to me and is my favourite pastime. As a teen I had several diaries organized by topic; at school my English essays were 15 pages long. While raising three children and working as a legal secretary I started a blog, published some articles and essays in the local paper and successfully competed in writing competitions.

I studied journalism at College of the North Atlantic in 2018-2019, intending to retire from law and start a freelance travel writer/copywriter business, travelling Canada, America and Europe. (The pandemic has of course forced me to amend this dream somewhat, at least temporarily.)

I love exploring new places, learning languages and am by nature very nomadic, throwing my knapsack into my van and driving off alone with no timetable or deadline. As an introvert, a lot of my travel writing will showcase activities that avoid crowds and adventure travel-style pursuits. Hiking, visiting small towns off the main roads, browsing museums and antique shops are more my style. My target audience is the quiet, more introverted types who enjoy travelling but aren’t really interested in game nights and conga lines. I still visit the hot spots but prefer to take advantage of off -season schedules and rates.

In addition to studying journalism, I have a B.A. in Office and Administrative Studies, a Legal Secretary diploma and a Basic Cook diploma. I’ve worked as a litigation assistant for 30 years. My main interests are travel, politics, conservation, history, anthropology, food, dogs and photography. I am a news and information junkie who will spend hours (sometimes days) researching and tracking stories. My last big trip was a 10-day road trip from Ontario to Prince Edward Island.

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