Travel & Culinary Copywriting | Editing & Proofreading

Travel and culinary copywriting should engage the senses, offering your potential clientele a vivid taste of what you have to offer. Well-written copy will make them smell the pungent brine of the sea on the ocean breeze, feel the softness of fluffy towels on their cheek and taste the orangey-mint tang baked into the skin of your restaurant’s roast duckling before they even book the reservation.

I bring an emotional and sensory flavour to my writing, whether it be copywriting or an article for publication.

I also run a proofreading and editing service at competitive rates. While I specialize in travel and food writing, I do take on editing projects from other genres in both fiction and non-fiction.

You can contact me at lhoadley777@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter at @LisaHoadley to discuss your project.

Rates start at $30/hr. Where appropriate, flat rates can be negotiated.

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Oakville, ON CA

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